The Vision of the International Advanced Center for Excellence (IACE):

Our visionary proposal encompasses the establishment of the International Advanced Center for Excellence (IACE) in collaboration with DMentor. This futuristic institution will offer world-class education and training programs to the students of Uttar Pradesh, harnessing the combined expertise and resources of DMentor and its distinguished collaborators. The IALC will serve as a vibrant hub for research, innovation, and the exchange of transformative ideas, fostering a culture of collaboration within the academic community.

The Pivotal Domains of IALC:

Psychometric Test and Analysis: Transitioning to higher education can be both exciting and overwhelming. Our psychometric tests are designed to guide college and university students in aligning their academic pursuits with their inherent attributes. By uncovering their aptitudes and motivations, students can make informed decisions about their majors, minors, and potential career paths.

Navigate Self Future: Empower Your Choices with Psychometric Insights.

Global Bonds and Cross-Cultural Learning:DMentor’s extensive international network will spearhead student exchange programs, nurturing cross-cultural understanding and transcending traditional learning boundaries. Different exchange program not only give indepth practical knowledge about the core field but also give overall enlightenment.

International Higher Education Enablement:

Our institution will provide comprehensive guidance to students like directing them towards prestigious international universities, choosing appropriate course and best suited scholarships. With our adept support, students will confidently navigate rigorous admission processes, including intensive IELTS preparation, ensuring their enrolment in esteemed universities. We will also support them in visa process and other formalities.

Eminence in Expertise:

The IALC will be a crucible of knowledge, delivering tailored in-house and online training modules orchestrated by luminaries from esteemed national and international institutions. This curriculum will encompass core skills, industry-specific expertise, and the cultivation of essential soft skills, shaping agile, well-rounded professionals poised for global success.

Seamless Transition to Professional Realm:

DMentor will facilitate an organic metamorphosis, bridging the gap between campus life and the professional world. Tailored training modules will empower students with enhanced employability skills, ensuring a seamless transition into the dynamic corporate landscape. Our associates like CADD, CDAC , MEETIUM are our training Partner.


Our team of experts will create or get associated with institute startupclub and mentor the young aspirants will all technical know-how, financial obligations and connect with VCs, HNIs and institutional funding.

Customized Excellence:

Our commitment to customization will ensure our offerings align seamlessly with the distinctive ethos and aspirations of each university and college, cementing a dynamic partnership.

How to Do MOU

To successfully implement our initiatives, we need to do synergic efforts with university/college coordinator and the team.  Our Centre Coordinator and counsellor will be available throughout the year and time to time our experts and course specific counsellor will also visit.

In campus Seminars and webinars will also be organized on specific skill areas by experts from India and overseas.

Our Requirement from College or University:

  1. One In Campus IALC Furnished centre having Centre Coordinator Chamber and one counselling area.
  2. Time to time as per need sharable classrooms with live Class facility for conducting training, counselling, seminars and webinars
  3. Sharable Computer lab for conducting training
  4. Suitable space for putting signboards and notice boards where students related information can be displayed time to time.
  5. One contact person with whom our coordinator can plan out launching and promotion of different courses among students without creating any hurdle in regular curriculum of the institution.
  6. No other competitor organization or our partner will be facilitated or allowed directly or indirectly for the students of institution during our agreement tenure.
  7. Allow and facilitate promotion of our courses among the students of institution.

Our Responsibility and Accountability

  1. Synergy with the Institutions management and curriculum by maintaining coordination with the contact person from Institution.
  2. No Interference in any activity run by the institutions for their students.
  3. No financial burden on Institution for any kind of payment to our staff or trainers or anyone by any mean.
  4. 5% to 7% of the total revenue of IALC will be transferred to the Institution on annual basis after GST deduction.

Facilitating various MOUs with International Universities and Industries.

Please fill the form, our executive will get back to you or Whatsapp at 91-8238103232

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