Our commitment to students’ success extends beyond academics. The excellence in education extends to our initiatives to facilitate a seamless transition into the professional world:

Tailored Training Modules: We offer tailored training modules designed to enhance students’ employability skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for the dynamic corporate landscape.

Industry Partnerships: We collaborate with industry leaders such as CADD, CDAC, MEETIUM, and others to provide practical insights and exposure to real-world challenges.

Career Guidance: Our career guidance programs equip students with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed career choices.

Expert Faculty: Our programs are led by experts from esteemed national and international institutions. These experts bring invaluable industry insights and academic excellence to our curriculum.

Comprehensive Curriculum: We offer a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses core skills, industry-specific expertise, and soft skills development. This ensures that our graduates are well-rounded professionals poised for global success.

In-House and Online Modules: Our expertise development includes in-house and online training modules, providing flexibility and accessibility to students.

1. IIT Delhi Affiliated Courses:

Expertise: Bioinformatics, Data Science, AI, Training on Pharmaceutical industries  

2. CADD Centre (Engineering and Design Training)

Expertise: Offers industry-focused training in computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) and engineering software.

3. MEETIUM (Management and Leadership Training)

Expertise: Provides leadership development and management training programs to prepare students for managerial roles.

4. IBM (Technical and IT Training)

Expertise: Provides technical training and certification programs in areas like cloud computing, AI, and data science.

5. Deloitte (Business and Consulting Training)

Expertise: Offers a wide range of training programs related to business, consulting, and professional development.

6. TAFE (Technical and Further Education) Institutes in Australia

Expertise: Offers a wide range of vocational courses and training programs in areas such as healthcare, trades, and hospitality.

7. Dale Carnegie Training:

Specializes in leadership, communication, and soft skills training for individuals and organizations.

8. Franklin Covey:

Offers training and consulting services in areas such as leadership, time management, and effective communication.

9. VETASSESS (Vocational Education and Training)

Expertise: Specializes in assessing and recognizing skills and qualifications for migration and employment in Australia.

10. NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation):

NSDC is a public-private partnership organization that focuses on skill development and vocational training in various sectors, including retail, healthcare, and IT.

11. Manipal ProLearn:

Manipal ProLearn offers a variety of job-oriented training programs, including courses in data science, digital marketing, and banking.

12. IIHT (Indian Institute of Hardware Technology):

IIHT provides training in IT infrastructure management and various hardware and software technologies.

Soft Skills Training Providers:

13. NIIT Imperia:

NIIT Imperia focuses on soft skills and leadership development programs for professionals and corporate clients.

14.British Council India:

Provides English language and communication skills training for students and professionals.


A premier institute for improving English communication skills through various programs and courses.

16.Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM):

ILM provides leadership and management training and qualifications, focusing on leadership development.

Online Non Synchronized Training Programs

17. Coursera (Online Learning Platform)

Expertise: Offers a wide range of courses from top universities and companies worldwide, including technical and business-related subjects.

18. edX (Online Education Platform)

Expertise: Provides courses from prestigious institutions like MIT, Harvard, and more, covering various fields, including STEM and humanities.

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